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Friends for a lifetime

Since the five friends Emma, ​​Andrea, Olivia, Mia and Stephanie met in beautiful Heartlake City, the girls have been inseparable. They experience many adventures together in their own television series.

Great backdrops from the television series await you here, including:

  • a small house in LEGO Friends style
  • lots of pink, white and purple LEGO® bricks that you can use to build your own LEGO® Friends world
  • colorful muffins that you design yourself - anything is possible here.

More Information

In the area there are two construction tables with bricks in LEGO Friends colors. Followings of the LEGO Friends series are shown on a television. There is also a life-size model of the Heartlake City Clique. Here you can take your very own snapshot with Olivia and Co.