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Things to do in Berlin

SEA LIFE Panorama (2)


Particularly noteworthy is the SEA LIFE Berlin including the AquaDom, which is popular with young and old and a great place to visit. AquaDom & SEA LIFE Berlin is centrally located between the TV Tower and Museum Island.

Embark on a fascinating journey from the source of the rivers to the depths of the ocean. Your children can discover the magic of the underwater world with its incredible diversity: 30 aquarium tanks and more than 3000 animals.

Also, during the year various exciting events for children are taking place here: from Octonaut Meet & Greets to Octopus Advent Calendars.

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German museum of technology

Also located in Central Berlin there is the Museum of Technology (Deutsches Technikmuseum). A trip to this museum offers plenty of things to do: children and adults can explore different areas of technolog.

And in the accompanying Science Center Spectrum you can do several science experiments yourself. Suitable not just for budding scientists!

FEZ Berlin

The FEZ is another attraction worth visiting with children that offers a variety of things to do on an area of ​​100,000 sqm outdoor area and 13,000 sqm indoors, where your children can enjoy fun and games.

According to themselves, they are the largest non-profit center for children, youth and family in Europe. Cultural and educational aspects are covered as well.

Furthermore, a diverse theater program for children and families is on offer and there is a hands-on children's museum with changing exhibitions.

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum (Naturkundemuseum) displays various collections, such as many stuffed animals, which are presented in a natural setting. Other areas represented include mineralogy and paleontology. Overall, the collection includes more than 30 million objects.

The most famous is a skeleton of Brachiosaurus brancai (or Giraffatitan brancai), probably the largest upright skeleton of a dinosaur. Another 6 more dinosaurs are part of the exhibit and a particularly nice specimen of Archaeopteryx. Certainly worth the visit for young dinosaur fans in Berlin.